What people should avoid during an interview

Students who have had interview experience should know that some things must be avoided during the interview. Even if you ask people who have a lot of interview experience, they will tell you that the point is not how good you are, but how to avoid doing badly. Some of the little details during the interview may be the key to your success. I believe many people have heard a story like this. The interviewer will choose to hire this kind and polite person because a candidate has picked up the garbage in the room and threw it into the trash. Although this is rarely the case in real-life interviews, we can all get what the moral of the story is.



Don’t be late

I believe this should be the most basic rule. Even if it is not in the workplace, no one likes to find out the other person is not there at the appointed time. Not to mention that during the interview, no matter which reason you are late, the interviewer is not obligated to consider your personal reasons, and in the end will only make you miss the opportunity. The concept of time is a manifestation of the seriousness of a person’s treatment of events. In a job-seeking environment, punctuality can reflect your profession and stuff.



Don’t talk non-stopping  

Some eloquent people often use their ability to speak to explain their work experience. Please don’t think of yourself as a storyteller. If you talk about it, you will deviate from the direction. The interviewer doesn’t want to hear you say something that is not there. When the closing is over, he closes and gives the initiative to the interviewer. It is best to explain your own experiences and skills in a limited time, as well as the achievements, goals and tasks accomplished, and better reflect your own competitiveness.



Don’t forget the details


Many students have forgotten some important details because they are either too confident or nervous. A well-intentioned job seeker is the most attractive to recruiters. Before the interview is over, the interviewer usually asks if you have any questions. Please prepare at least one or two sensible questions before the interview so that you won’t lose the job because of this detail. Don’t forget to write a thank you letter after the interview. The success or failure of the interview often depends on this small detail.



Of course, there are many other things to pay attention during the interview, but the most important thing is to maintain a good attitude. If you can be natural and confident in the interview, I believe most interviewers will consider you. If you can avoid the small details of these interviews, I believe that the students are not far from the offer of their favorite company.