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Learn4Life is partnering with Learning Circle Education Services, a 501 (c) 3 organization that supports public education efforts to enhance student learning and advance school improvement. Learning Circle created an application that assimilates academic data into a useful and understandable format to enable timely decisions to address individual student needs. Learn4Life and Learning Circle are working together to build a data strategy and framework that will allow for the community to align and ensure student success.

In order to support collective impact, consistent data is needed to set baselines and track over time to determine progress. This data can be used to measure critical outcomes and set goals for continuous improvement.

The purpose of the Learn4Life Learning Partner Dashboard data strategy is to support data driven decision-making and align objectives to support the following critical outcomes:

Since data is not currently tracked consistently for all age levels, each area is first being addressed individually to analyze existing opportunities, create short and long-term goals for data management, identify resource needs, and create processes to reach goals that ultimately align with the long-term vision. All work is overseen by Learn4Life’s Data & Research Committee.

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